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Custom Adjustable Clip-ons


As I've made the transition from young buck to a tired old man, the reality of the conflict between style and function continues to rear it's ugly head. My wrists and neck scream out in protest when exposed to a standard set of below the triple clamp clip-ons. I decided to do something about it and started on a process of re-doing my clip ons.

The first set were fully adjustable for height, pullback, and drop angle. Once installed and having ridden the bike for a while, I settled on a drop angle of 5 degrees, right in the middle of where my current ones are (zero), and what I saw as an industry "standard", if there is such a thing, of 10 degrees.


Having decided on a firm drop angle, My final set could be much simpler, as I was only worried about having a bit of vertical adjustment. I wanted them as high as I could get them within the confines of the existing fairing cutouts, and cable brake hose lengths.


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