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Exhaust System Installation Instructions CB400F

Ontario Moto Tech - circa 1983

  1. Remove the stock exhaust system by removing the nuts, washers, collars, and inserts from the cylinder head. Then remove nuts, washers and bolts holding the muffler onto the frame.
  2. Remove the center or main stand by removing two bolts and nuts holding the main stand onto the frame. Next, remove the main stand pivot pipe by pulling out the cotter pin on the left side. If  the pivot pipe does not come out easily, tap it out with a hammer.
  3. Install pipes in the exhaust ports and locate exhaust flanges over exhaust studs. Replace and tighten original nuts and washers.
  4. To install and mount the tail section, read the instructions below:

Honda CB400F: Cut off stock exhaust muffler mount on frame for clearance. Slip the clamp (supplied) loosely over the tail section and push the flared part of the tail section over the collector. Turn the tail section so that its mounting bracket hole lines up with the large hole on the center stand bracket. Place rubber washer between tail section bracket and center stand bracket. Slide large washer over the bolt and insert bolt through center stand bracket hole and tail section bracket hole. Install lock washer and nut and tighten. Now, securely tighten the collector clamp.

NOTE: To protect the chrome finish, use liquid chrome polish frequently. Do not let the dirt build-up stay on chrome or black exhausts for any length of time. For best results, keep exhausts as clean as possible at all times. Black exhausts may be touched up with Kal-Gard Header Kote.


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