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Fork/wheel/brake upgrade

I have the design work done to replace your stock CB400F 18" wire wheels, wimpy 33mm forks, and single disk brake with 17" aluminum wheels, 37mm forks, and triple disk brakes from a 1st generation CBR600F1

Key Benefits
     Allows fitment of more modern tires 
     Improved braking
     Improved ride comfort and handling


Technical Advice 
I have the software and know-how to help you develop a wheel/triple clamp/suspension combination that works together to maintain the proper rake and trail for good handling. I can provide assistance with choosing the proper length of shocks, alternate wheels, forks, disks to make your custom project a success.

Design Services
If you have the machinery to do a conversion yourself, but are unsure of what will work, what won't, or how to design a complete system that works together, I can provide that service. 

Full Service Conversion 
If you don't have the means to perform any machine work, I can supply all the machined parts required for a full conversion.


Contact me for pricing - 
Because each conversion is unique, there is no way to provide a set price. Contact me to discuss your project and I will provide pricing based on your specific requirements.


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