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Custom Triple Clamps

If you want to mate some different forks to the CB400F, and still have a say in what the resultant trail will be, then custom triple clamps are the way to go. 

Key Benefits
     Mild to wild. I can design you clamps that vary from simple and affordable, to something with some serious bling!  You decide. 
     Return the trail back to stock with a set of 17" wheels, or add some trail to add some stability.
     Get rid of the handlebar mounts when you are running clip-ons.

These clamps were for a customer who was fitting CBR600F1 forks and wheels to a CB400F. He wanted custom clamps to adjust the trail to work with the new wheels, but didn't want to break the bank doing it. The clamp design is therefore fairly simple to keep machining time and setup to a minimum.




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